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to play around
A memory game is a set of 30 tiles (15 pictures x 2 pieces each) to play up to 4 people, both little ones and their families. Being inspired by some of Maria Montessori methods, we handcrafted them in solid wood and made in 3 sets, that differ from each other in designs and small visual details quantity. Enjoy the natural wood, soft, silky, durable and warm to touch. Kind Fia characters will play with your kids and train memory meanwhile. Remember that a finely stitched pouch is good to travel and keep memory tiles together without taking up much space. And bear in mind that these are made with lots of love and heart to keep you dreaming while playing. Play with a family, pile them high and create stories while observing the pictures. See the ways to play for different ages below.

What does memory game teach?
  • Age of 2-3 years
    Developing the spatial and visual perception, vocabulary, hands coordination

    Skills: naming, comparing and gathering

  • Age of 3-5 years
    Coherent speech, semantic memory, attention, perseverance. Interest to stories and tales

    Skills: listening, imagination, creating

  • Age of 5-7 years
    Getting ready for school. Developing the visual memory, playing and following the rules. Learning to win, and to loose too.

    Skills: following the rules

Ways to play
  • Age of 2-3 years
    Separate the tiles so they do not duplicate. Lay out the first part with pictures facing up on the table and the other half hide in the cotton pouch that comes with memos. Let the kid pull out a tile from the pouch and ask him to find the tile with the same image on the table. Put aside. Keep playing this way until the child can keep attention.

    Build together with a little one long, short, wide walls, fence or a house out of memo tiles

    Your child will learn to compare, to speak and to play.
    Brainwork and speech, as well as basic mathematics are a part of this play.

  • Age of 3-5 years
    At this age a child will listen with pleasure to your stories. Select 3-4 tiles and invent a story around. This can be quite a short story describing the world surrounding you or any other to your taste. Soon you’ll get the tiles selected for you by your little one. A little before the age of 4 a child would add to your stories or will surprise you by his own tales and adventures told.

  • Age of 5-7 years
    Classical way
    2 to 4 people can play. Tiles are places on the table in rows with pictures facing down.

    Each player opens 2 tiles one by one. The aim is to open 2 tiles with the same image. If this is the case and 2 tiles’ images match, the player makes a point and places them aside. This very player has the right to go next. Once 2 tiles do not match – a player places returns them back and memorises the images. The game is over once there is no tiles left and one of the player has got more of them.

    Photo memo
    In this version of playing, one shall place all the tiles with images up and count 30 seconds to memorise the images and their place. After that the images get turned down and the game continues as usual by each one of the player opening 2 of them.


Montessori inspired natural wood sets with bright imagery in a pouch